S-Class with a Baby on Board Gets Rammed by a Mad Road Raging Truck Driver

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
We don't know whether this is a conspiracy planned out by the dashcam manufacturers, but the more videos like this we see, the more we get the idea that installing one of these little nuggets is a wonderful idea.
Why? Well, because the roads are dark and full of idiots, that's why. And when you also have a baby in the car, like the driver in the video below did, the one thing you need to do is remain calm, focus on minimizing the severity of an incident, and worry about settling the matter later. A dashcam allows you to do just that knowing that whatever the creep did, it's on film, and a judge will be more than happy to see it.

This clip, however, is the next phase of the dashcam-making companies scheme since it makes a very strong case for installing not one, but two devices. At this rate, it won't be long before you can take better panoramic photos than those Google Streetview cars. This driver here only had two, but they proved more than enough.

It all happened in Hong Kong, and knowing that is important because it explains why left is right and right is left. The Mercedes-Benz driver is cruising on a two-lane road with a truck approaching from behind. He spots some roadworks ahead that were blocking his lane, so he moves to the right (or left, as you and I would have) in front of the goods vehicle.

This is where the only shadow of doubt can be cast over the driver, and it has to do with whether he used his turning indicator or not. We can't hear it go on, but we'll never know for sure. Whatever the case, it still doesn't excuse the truck driver's reactions.

He probably thought the man driving the Mercedes-Benz could have allowed him to pass, but the video suggests there wasn't enough room for that. After the passing the narrowed section, the Benz moves back into the first lane, and the truck speeds past him. The truck driver brakes, swerving left and right, then drives on again. Once it hits another piece of one-lane road, he stops again, only this time he also reverses into the cam car. The driver doesn't react, and his wife can only be heard gasping once, even though at least some light screaming wouldn't have been out of place at all.

We don't know what happened afterward, but with the footage and the man's license number, we're pretty sure the family in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class was OK. Not so sure about the truck driver, though, who might have (or should have) lost his job, not to mention facing some nasty charges in court. Which only demonstrates what we've already known for quite some time: road rage is fun only when watching it on the Internet.

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