Ryan Air Forbids Motorcyclist Board Plane With His Motorcycle Helmet

Spending a wad of cash on a nice motorcycle helmet implies that you take proper care of it to make the most out of its lifetime. This means carrying it in its special bag, not allowing it to fall, tumble around or get mishandled by, say, the airport baggage handlers.
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Photo: Gabriel Brindusescu
Reason why redditor bikergeorgev decided to take his inside the cabin alongside his usual small bag during a flight. He politely asked a support agent of Ryan Air (the company he had to fly with) if it’s possible to do so, but the response he got baffled everyone.

Here’s how the short conversation went:

bikergeorgev: “Hello. I would like to know if I may carry a motorcycle helmet along with my usual cabin bag?”
Support Agent: “Unfortunately you cannot take it. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
bg: “Ok, but it would be fine if I can store it in my one cabin bag?”
SA: “NO, you cannot take it in the cabin.”
bg: “Why is that? It’s a safety item.”
SA: “No, you can hit people with it.”

Pretty funny, right? Especially considering that most other users said they had no problems in getting their helmet along inside the cabin with other respectable companies.

That’s the most stupid rule ever to exist (if it’s really a Ryan Air rule and the support agent wasn’t forbidding it out of her own initiative). I mean, why don’t they also forbid laptops, hard-shelled luggage cases, steel-toe-capped boots, trays or large books?

I’m sure you can hit a person with anything found in a plane if you’re willing to do so. Plus, each person comes fitted with an undetachable pair of fists. Wonder what’s next in air travel security - taking out all the chairs, upholster the walls in a spongy material and give every passenger a straigtjacket?

Ryanair - Helmets are dangerous
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