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Rustic, Homemade Camper Is More Feature-Packed Than You Would Imagine, Can Be Yours

He goes by the name of Dave Mason, but the internet knows him as the man behind the Endgame Campers YouTube channel. His content consists of camper builds of his and he has some really unique designs to flaunt around. And the best news is that most of his creations are available to purchase.
Camper 4.0 by Endgame Campers 10 photos
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Although it doesn’t show, Mason uses no plans, sketches, or drawings when he builds his campers. He lets his creativity do all the work and so far, he hasn’t disappointed. His wooden campers are all hand-built and in addition to cedar and other types of woods, they also use a lot of reclaimed materials.

What you see in the video below the article is his Camper 4.0 and it was designed to either sit on a pickup truck or be mounted on a trailer. With the trailer included, it tips the scales at approximately 1,500 lb (680 kg), with this being its wet weight (which also includes the battery, full water tank, personal belongings, and so on). This camper is also for sale.

Mason’s 4.0 camper has 400W of solar on the roof and the panels are tiltable to a 22-degree angle. As rustic as the camper looks at first glance, it is in fact packed with amenities. There’s a wireless camera in the rear and the seller also throws in a monitor to go with it. You’ve also got a pull-out outdoor kitchen in the back and a box that houses an AC unit that can run completely off-grid.

Access to the camper is only possible after getting past the combo door lock and there’s also a deadbolt on it for enhanced security. Despite the limited space, the DIYer fit an L bed in the camper, with one side being around 32” (81 cm) wide and the other around 24” (61 cm). That means that two adults can sleep in the 4.0.

There are plenty of drawers for storage, a removable stove, a sink fed by a 7-gallon water tank, and a portable, 35L fridge that normally sits under one of the beds but slides out when needed. Under the other bed, there’s a cabinet that houses a chemical toilet.

If you are interested in buying the adorable Camper 4.0, the best thing is to contact Endgame Campers for details on the pricing, shipping options, and any other info.

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