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Russia’s Famous Ilyushin Il-76 Cargo Aircraft Helped Save 300 Cats and Dogs from Kabul

Perhaps not as flashy and imposing as other types of military aircraft, cargo airplanes are the backbone of air forces around the world, carrying out vital tasks, from essential supplies delivery to humanitarian missions. The Russian Ilyushin Il-76 was recently at the forefront of one of these missions, making sure that 300 animals without shelter arrived safely in Vancouver, Canada.
The IL-76MD-90A is the latest version of the Ilyushin Il-76 7 photos
Fortunately, we’ve reached a time in history when the welfare of animals affected by military conflicts is also taken into account. Kabul’s dramatic current state of affairs has also impacted a huge number of pets, leaving them without owners, and the local animal shelters are unable to face this crisis without support. Luckily, a transportation mission that was carried out yesterday shows a great deal of international support and cooperation.

Approximately 300 cats and dogs were flown from a Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) mission to Vancouver, Canada. The aircraft that conducted this flight was an Ilyushin Il-76, and Glasgow residents reported hearing the aircraft’s loud noise as it flew over Scotland on February 2nd, 2022. According to Flight Radar 24, the cargo airplane also made a tech stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, before landing in Vancouver.

The Il-76, developed by the Ilyushin Aircraft Company (part of the United Aircraft Corporation/UAC, which is integrated into Rostec), has been around for a very long time, in different modifications, and in 2021 it was ranked the world’s six most popular military transport aircraft. TASS reports that more than 200 Il-76s operated that year, accounting for 5% of the global military transport fleet (the US C-130 Hercules was at the top of the ranking).

Its most recent modification is the IL-76MD-90A, an upgraded version that boasts more powerful engines (also claiming to be quieter), new wings, reinforced landing gear, plus updated avionics and flight decks. This rugged, heavy transport aircraft can deliver personnel, equipment, supplies, and fuel anywhere in the world, even in the Arctic region.


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