Russian Stunt Rider Does His Thing, Cager Comments Hilariously

Russian stuntman on highway 8 photos
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Russian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highwayRussian stunt rider on highway
I’m not a fan of public roads stunts, especially when it happens in a big group of bikers. That’s just a negative PR generator, but this guy here could make the exception.
The rider here appears to be a professional stuntman and was apparently riding on one of the least circulated Russian roads. So he decided it’s time to take it easy and lay flat on his back in the saddle, using his feet to occasionally steer while using his hands to check his phone.

Then comes a cager who sees the rider chilling on his bike like that and starts filming him. As soon as the rider sees that he has an audience, he decides it’s a good time to keep his new friend entertained on that lonely stretch of road.

The rider really knows what he’s doing, and his stunts make the driver cheer. At least that’s how it sounds. I’m no Russian expert, but he seems excited as hell watching the stuntman do his thing.

Maybe some of you guys help out with the translation in the comment section. We’d really want to know what he’s saying.

I know this could be either a genuine motorcycle-enthusiast cager or maybe a friend of the stunt rider who decided to make the clip look as if he genuinely stumbled across him and decided to start filming.

Either case, we do not endorse road exhibitionism like this, and even if it is done by a professional stuntman, there are factors that could go wrong and result in injury or death. I mean, look at how close the car follows the bike as the rider is popping a wheelie.

Just a small gust of wind could have destabilized the motorcyclist and make him crash. The car behind would have just made things worse.

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