Russian Police Car Going the Wrong Way, Causes Driver to Crash

The things you get to see in Russia are always unexpected. By now, with all these dash cam videos going around, we’re basically extremely hard to impress. Chip in the human factor and the stupidity levels that usually go with it and you might be entertained for weeks just by clicking on dash cam videos on YouTube.
Russian Police car 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from LiveLeak
Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck in traffic going back home after a hard day’s work? And don’t you just hate it how everyone decides to drive to work as soon as it starts drizzling outside?

Maybe it’s just around here but as soon as a few drops of rain start falling, everyone hops in their respective cars and suddenly decides to drive to work, instead of using public transportation. That, in turn, only makes things worse.

Traffic quickly gets jammed and everyone will be late both to and from work. It was just that kind of day when the man driving the car in the video below decided to film an impressive traffic jam in his homeland, China.

However, by the looks of things, he didn’t attach the camera to the windshield but instead handed it over to his co-driver to make sure he gets everything on tape.

The problem is he got a little cocky and started pressing the gas pedal a bit too much, especially considering it was pouring cats and dogs outside.

At one moment, getting close to the other lane, our guys suddenly finds himself in front of a police car going on the wrong way, with the lights and siren on.

Sudden obstacle, wet roads and too much speed could only mean one thing and our driver eventually ended up in the back of a Kia Sportage. By the looks of things, the airbags deployed and we have a hunch that the car he was driving even rolled over as a hand is visible at one point against what looks like a sunroof.

What we’re wondering now is whether the police car was actually rushing to an emergency or if they were just using the lights to get ahead of everyone. I personally saw some officers abusing that right and if this is also the case, some sanctions should be considered.

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