Russian Mechanic Saves This Volvo V60 Wreck

Russian Mechanic Saves This Volvo V60 Wreck 3 photos
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We've seen an almost constant influx of German SUVs from Arthur, the Russian mechanic. As expected, people over there love their BMW X5, Audi Q5, and Porsche Cayenne.
However, we decided to show the wagon fans some love too with this very Swedish Volvo V60. It's the model that's about to go out of production. However, it looked pretty outdated long before that, due to the rounded design language from way back in 2000's.

If there's one thing we learned from Arthur, it's not to fall head-over-heels in love with cars. Everything will break down, and almost everything can be fixed if there's still valuable. This V60 suffered a side-on crash. Since it's a Volvo, it still looks good enough to drive. However, it's not as straight as you think.

After removing the damaged panels, he discovers all three pillars are out of shape in some way. The one in the middle is pushed into the car, the front is a little bruised, and the rear needs to be hammered out.

As we've seen in other videos, the Russian cuts out the parts that are damaged and installs new metal. Is there a shop where they sell old Volvo sheet metal?

The V60 requires a whole new rear wing, welded into place. Thankfully, even though this mechanic uses crude hammers and blocks of wood, he doesn't fill the car with Bondo putty like some dodgy shops do.

This is another cheap car from America's auction websites. And unlike its predecessors, it arrives with donor doors already attached. They're white and black, so they will need a coat of paint to match the silver Volvo.

You can pick up a used V60 for about €10,000 in Europe, so this salvage title must have been very cheap to be shipped halfway across the world and repaired in Russia. What's more, it most likely has a thirsty engine.

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