Russian Man Finds Cornering on a Scooter Too Difficult

Riding a scooter is really the best way to get around the congested streets of the world’s cities. However, since its tires are so small and the tread is rounded (to aid leaning into corners) means that there isn’t really that much grip available.
Proof of this is the short video posted here, where a Russian man discovers that scooters are not very controllable when entering a corner way too fast, then braking and trying to keep it under control. He clearly should have done most of the braking before the corner, as is recommended in any form of motorized vehicle, from scooters to 18-wheelers.

Thankfully, the crash was not a severe one, and in fact, the people in the car with the dash-mounted camera actually laughed. The moral of this video? Always brake before a corner, and if you are already going in ‘too hot’, use the throttle and steering wheel to get yourself out of the jam - braking at the wrong time tends to make things worse most of the time.
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