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Russian Highway Police Use Su-24 Jet For Patrol Duty

Deep in the heart of Russia, instead of scrapping old military hardware, they find new uses for it, such as this Su-24 jet which seems to now be used for highway patrol duty. Now, with vehicles like these at their disposal, the Russian highway cops have it very easy - nothing short of an SR-71 Blackbird could outrun their patrol jet.
All jokes aside, it is genuinely strange that a jet fighter was seen flying that low and keeping that close to the highway. Perhaps the avionics had failed and the pilot was relying on sight alone to reach the landing strip, or it wasn’t actually a Russian jet, but rather an American replica of it, which was flying really low to avoid radar detection.

The passengers in the car were clearly shocked by the event and rightfully so - who could have anticipated a thing like this. However, we may perhaps be ignorant and this thing happens in Russia all the time, yet is just occasionally caught on video.


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