Russian Cop Tackles Scooter

Now, a cop tackling a scooter at full speed is a thing we don't get too see very often. In fact, it's the first time when we stumble upon such a striking video!
There's no info on what's going on prior to the weird, crazy moment, but it looks like the cop's intention was to stop the scooter rider. We fail to understand why has he chosen the head-on tackling method, as it was a no-brainer: it had the highest chances to produce massive injuries and even life-threatening body damage.

He could have obtained the same result, stopping the scooter, that is, by stepping away and kicking hard sideways, preferably into the front wheel. Such a kick would have most likely cause the rider to lose the front, and the desired crash halt would have been easy as pie, with the runaway motorist being the only one in pain.

We can clearly see the cop cowering in agony, whereas the rider seems unscathed. Maybe they should teach the cops better ways to stop scooters, as it looks like getting a full blow is not the most sensible.


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