Russian Cop Almost Run-over by Rushing BMW 7 Series Driver

In the magical land of Russia, you should already know that, everything is possible. When a man with an expensive car wants to keep going, nothing is going to stop him, not even the police, as you’re about to see.
BMW E65 7 Series 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The man in the video is traffic office Andrew Yakimin, an honest man, trying to make a living by disciplining traffic on a daily basis. One unlucky morning, he happened to spot a BMW 7 Series with tinted windows and foreign numbers on one of his patrols. Since tinted windows are illegal in Krasnodar, Russia, he tried to pull the man over and have a chat with him, to sort the matter out.

"I placed a rod on the car and demanded that the driver stop. However, the driver failed to comply and continued to move. Since there was a traffic jam, I caught up with the car on foot and knocked on the window by hand, because I thought that the driver might have not seen my gesture to stop due to the tinted windows," said Yakimin.

As it turns out, the driver had other plans than to exchange chit chat with the policeman and wanted to flee the scene. ’Not on my watch!’ said Andrew.

"I tried to reach for the ignition key to stop his attempt to leave. The driver stepped on the accelerator pedal, but I grabbed the car with both hands and began to rest on the asphalt and screaming at him to stop, then he dragged me around 10-20 meters. At that moment, when I held the car door, he hit my hands and pushed me away. The car was going around 40 km/h. Then the driver stopped abruptly and I was thrown from the car," continued Yakimin.

Seeing as the officer wouldn’t give up, the man simply got out of the car and started beating him. It didn’t last more than 30 seconds before Andrew got his gun out, scaring the driver into fleeing back into his car. The story wasn’t over though. That’s when the pedestrian that recorded the video below pulled out his phone.

As you can see, the driver tries to run the cop over, in his attempt to flee. He manages to get away but is later caught by one of Yakimin’s colleagues and taken into custody. But what do you know? In a matter of minutes, he somehow escaped from the police station too, being still at large. Oh Russia...


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