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Russian Blonde Reviews Audi TTS in Wedges

Ever since the current generation Audi TT was launched in 2014, I've been wondering who this coupe/roadster is for. In theory, women are the target audience of small coupes, but only middle-aged men could afford to pay at least €40,000 for one of these things.
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Sure, the TT starts at around €32,000, but that only gets you the basic model. All the cool stuff like LED headlights and the digital dashboard are optional extras.

While the average tall, blonde Russian model prefers a Range Rover SUV, she will look good next to a red TTS as well. How do we know? It's because Anastasia Tregubova, our favorite Russian car review, has tested the TTS Coupe.

autoevolution fans know that e follow Anastasia to the point of obsession. She's an ex-Playboy Playmate that still has all her good looks. But instead of giving interviews for local television stations, she started her own show where she reviews cars.

There are plenty of other hot women reviewing cars, but none has her looks. Rumor has it that Irina Olhovskaya is coming back, but until she does, let's watch this Audi TTS review.

It starts out slow with a short history lesson, followed by a detailed walkaround of the TTS. Compared to the regular TT, this S model has a lot of extra chromed trinkets. A twin exhaust system is the biggest hint that more power is on its way when you press the accelerator pedal. With 310 PS, AWD and a twin-clutch gearbox, this coupe will reach 100 km/h in only 4.6 seconds.

The of the new TT shares some elements with its predecessor, such as the bulges over the wheel arches and the gas cap, but designers were allowed to work with a clean slate. From the front especially, the new LED headlights and sharply cut lines leave a lasting impression. As a package, this is slightly smaller than the older model. At 4,177mm long, this new model is 21mm shorter, but the wheelbase is actually longer by 37mm to improve the ride quality.

On the road, the car is composed and agile. However, track use reveals the limitations of the FWD platform. Sure, the rear wheels help, but the BMW 2 Series is more fun.

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