Russian Biker Uses Angle Grinder in Extreme Road Rage Act

Broken mirrors, punches, guns, bats and axes, we though we've seen them all when it comes to road rage incidents. But it looks like Russia (or former URSS space, for what's worth) is still full of surprises, and one of them is seeing a bikes using a portable angle grinder to elegantly detach a driver's (already broken) left mirror.
There's no way we could tell whether this is a staged stunt or a real incident, but in case things are for real... this leaves rather little to be said.

This is a bit too much, especially as nobody got hurt... even if the rider could have been in serious trouble in case a car was coming from the opposite way as he swerved to avoid being crashed into by the careless driver.

The Nissan Juke driver fails utterly: he steers to the left to pass a stopped vehicle, but does this without checking his mirrors. Considering he has to give way to the vehicles already in the lane we want to drive in, his maneuver was really stupid and careless and things could have ended badly in case of a collision.

However, given the angle grinder, things almost ended even worse... It's a crazy world out there!

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