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Russian Armed Forces Gearing Up for the 2022 World-Famous Tank Biathlon

Some people like to watch cars race against each other, some prefer to see sailing yachts cutting through the waves, and some would rather watch tanks go for the first place. Yes, the famous Tank Biathlon organized by Russia continues to be a surprising form of “motorsport” even after eight years. The Russian military is already preparing for this year’s edition.
Russia announced that the first stage of ten competitions will be held on the territory of the Southern Military District 7 photos
Tank BiathlonTank BiathlonTank BiathlonTank BiathlonTank BiathlonTank Biathlon
Officially named the International Army Games, this unique military sports event is organized by Russia’s Ministry of Defense every year, with the Tank Biathlon being the most famous part of the competition. In 2021, the Army Games were held in 11 countries, where over 5,000 participants from 42 countries showed off their military skills.

Before the International Tank Biathlon takes place, Russia must select its winning team from local participants. This national-level stage is also spectacular, with the fiercest tank platoons having to tackle a series of challenges and obstacles on their way to the finish line. The country’s Ministry of Defense already announced that the first stage (all-army stage) of ten competitions in total will take place on the territory of the Southern Military District.

The famous Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack (another type of tank competition) will be held at the Prudboy training ground in the Volgograd region. Other competitions include Sniper Frontier, Military Medical Relay Race, as well as ones for divers and military engineers.

During the 2021 first stage of the competition, the Russian tanks had to overcome both natural and man-made obstacles, including mounds, slopes, explosives, a fire strip, an anti-tank ditch, and a simulated track bridge. The race track includes several firing sections, penalty circles of 1,640 ft. (500 m) each, and even areas where the crews have to demonstrate their skills in technical and medical training.

The third firing section is considered the harshest one, where the crew has to fire at a group enemy comprised of three targets, with the help of drones for determining the coordinates for the shoot.

In 2021, the Central Military District (CMD) team was the winner of the all-army stage. Military units all over Russia are now gearing up to compete for this year’s title, followed by the participation in the International stage.

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