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Russian 16-YO Survives 23-Storey Fall after Landing on Top of a Renault Logan

People tend to look after their children the closest during the first stages of their lives, but ask your parents and they will tell you that the most difficult period is when the young ones hit their teens.
16 year old survives high fall 7 photos
16-year old survives high drop16-year old survives high drop16-year old survives high drop16-year old survives high drop16-year old survives high drop16-year old survives high drop
Hormones are flying, and the poor brains can't handle the pressure, so they allow the body to do the most stupid things. It's almost as if teenage is one of nature's best ways of exercising its selection process. Get out of your teens in one piece, and you are ready to face the world.

A Russian 16-year-old was very close to not making it when he fell from the balcony of an apartment situated on the 23rd floor. But it wasn't an accident, nor was it attempted murder. Believe it or not, it was love. Well, as we've said earlier, it was probably hormones, but love sounds so much better.

The boy was apparently trying to impress a female friend with a daring stunt when something went terribly wrong and he fell from a 230 feet height (about 70 meters). Miraculously, the teenager named Alexander Shadrin managed to survive the drop by landing on top of a Renault Logan parked below his apartment in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

The structure of the car proved soft enough to cushion his fall and prevent the almost instant deceleration that would have surely killed him. The Siberian Times tells the unbelievable story and claims that the paramedics who arrived on the scene found Alexander conscious. He is now recovering in a hospital from his "serious injuries" but he's in a stable condition.

We're no physics experts but had you asked us about anything like this being possible before this news broke out, we would have said a very definite "no." But physics can be deceiving, apparently, and manufacturers can build unintentional crumple zones for people falling out of the sky. Next thing you know, skydivers won't be using parachutes anymore, but jump tied up to a Renault (Dacia) Logan. It would probably be cheaper, anyway.


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