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Rungu Juggernaut All-Terrain Bike Is Designed With Ackerman Steering for Perfect Control
Bicycle design is just as affected by technology and R&D as much as any other mobility industry. As time flows, we are bound to see countless ideas expressed upon the classic bicycle frame. From road bikes to off-road and water cycles, this timeless two-wheeler seems to have a place on almost any terrain imaginable.

Rungu Juggernaut All-Terrain Bike Is Designed With Ackerman Steering for Perfect Control

Rungu Juggernaut BrakesRungu Juggernaut ForksRungu Juggernaut DrivetrainRungu JuggernautRungu JuggernautRungu JuggernautRungu JuggernautRungu JuggernautRungu Juggernaut
Standard Bearer Machines is one crew taking things further than your typical bicycle manufacturer. What makes this manufacturer so dang special is that it focused all its attention on creating a bicycle designed exclusively for off-road use, in the process, giving birth to a "dualie" bicycle. If you're wondering what that means, it's all about the way Rungu bikes feature two front wheels for increased stability and control.

While Standard Bearer focused all their attention on e-bikes over the past few years, the Juggernaut seems to be the first machine from this crew that has ditched the battery packs and motor. Deeming it nothing more than a true eco-friendly machine, and this is what we'll be exploring today. Best of all, the Juggernaut is now up for pre-order.

As I mentioned, Rungu bikes are unique because they're designed with two front wheels. If you're wondering how this system works, it's the same used on our ordinary vehicles, Ackerman steering. Yes, the bicycle is being transformed into a sort of car. Don't believe me? The main plan and use for e-bikes are to replace your classic vehicles that are bulky and even cumbersome in some situations.

Speaking of cumbersome, the idea behind the Rungu brand was to create a sort of ATV that's only a fraction of the weight of classic off-road machines like quads and ATCs. So, Standard Bearer came up with this design. Best of all, they're all fat-tire bikes, which means they can easily cover off-road terrain, but this feature has drawbacks. If you're looking to be bombing downhill and taking hairpin turns, fat tires are not the way to go; these are more for comfort and gripping a larger surface area.

I did mention that the Juggernaut is the only machine from Rungu that isn't an EV; your legs and breakfast are all you've got to keep you going. With that, we're seeing a price reduction, only $2,900 (€2,850 at current exchange rates), while the electric versions come in with rates as high as $8,500 (€8,350).

With this cash, you're paying for an aluminum frame that's been reinforced to handle you and the terrains you decide to venture onto, but also the extra weight of components. After all, you're rocking two suspension forks with 100 mm (4 in) of travel each and two massive front wheels.

As I dove deeper into all that is the Juggernaut, I was a tad let down by the remaining components mounted to this bugger. Sure, I may be a fan of powerhouses like Sram and Shimano, but the Juggernaut is equipped with a microShift drivetrain. It may not be the best on the market, but switching it around with your favorite shouldn't cost you too much.

At the end of the day, research and development influence everything around us. Even pencils aren't what they used to be; it's digital now. Frankly, I find this an amazing time to be alive, witnessing all the little knick-knacks from the human mind and the tricks they can perform.

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