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Rumor Claims the Apple Car Could Cost More Than $100,000

It’s not a secret that Apple builds premium products priced accordingly, and as far as the company’s highly anticipated electric vehicle is concerned, this would certainly make no exception.
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A new rumor claims the Apple Car could end up carrying a price tag of approximately $100,000, especially as the Cupertino-based tech giant is going for a strategy that would help buy more time to become a key player in the automotive market.

At first, the Apple Car wouldn’t necessarily be aimed at the masses, as the iPhone maker wants to make the first steps in the car industry, reach a small market share, make sure everything is going as planned, and only then expand its product range with cheaper models.

This is according to LeaksApplePro, who has a good track on Apple scoops, though it goes without saying that nothing should be taken for granted right now, given the project is still in the works and everything could change overnight.

However, this more or less makes sense, but unfortunately, it also means we’ll have to wait much longer to get our hands on a cheaper Apple vehicle.

And speaking about how long it’ll take to be able to drive the Apple Car, the same source indicates that 2025 is still Apple’s target right now. But very important to know is that 2025 may not be the year when customers would be able to get their hands on the vehicle.

There’s a chance Apple only launches the Apple Car in 2025, with the first customers to then receive it either later the same year or in early 2026.

The cited source claims Apple originally wanted to launch the Apple Car in 2027, but given the growth recorded by the EV market, the company now believes its expansion in the automotive market could happen earlier.

Again, it’s important to take all these tidbits with a healthy pinch of salt, especially because Apple has so far remained completely tight-lipped on its automotive ambitions.


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