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RUF CTR Yellowbird Joins Other Porsches in L.A. for Rare Get-Together

When one hears the words RUF Automobile, the mind immediately links that with some of the most extreme and fastest Porsche conversions ever designed. Going further, the mind immediately imagines RUF-handled Porsches doing their things down a road somewhere.
Eight RUF Porsches in Los Angeles 1 photo
That’s not what the mind is getting starting this week in Los Angeles, though, where a small army of RUF cars descended upon the Petersen Automotive Museum. Instead of being featured in a parade or some other event requiring them to move, all eight will be shown stationary.

The cars are part of a two-part exhibit series dedicated to the German Porsche tuner. The first part is called Pfaffenhausen Speed Shop – The RUF Gallery, and it kicked off on May 15, while the second will be open to the public starting August 15.

But let’s focus on what Angelenos and visitors from elsewhere are getting treated with. First up is the 1990 CTR Yellowbird, a 911-based conversion of which just 29 were ever made, and one of the most famous RUF cars. Second in line is the 2012 CTR3 ClubSport, the first of the German tuner’s cars to have a RUF-designed body.

Third in line is the 2007 Turbo R Cabriolet, a 911 996-based machine in production for just four years. Number four is a 2016 RUF Turbo R Limited, a seven-unit run that sold starting from just under $600,000 each. The fifth position on the Petersen floor is reserved for the 2016 Ultimate, shown that same year at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 1994 RCT EVO with its narrow body comes next, followed by a Porsche 964-based 1994 RCT EVO with a wide body. Last on the list, but not least when it comes to the impact it is hoped to have, is the 2015 RUF RT12R, the car described as the shop’s finest ever made.

So, if you happen to live in Los Angeles and you’re in the mood of some German engineering at its finest (twice over, that is), you know now where to go.

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