Royal Navy’s Deadly New Warship HMS Venturer Starts Taking Shape in Scotland

HMS Venturer is the first of five new Type 31 frigates 6 photos
Photo: Royal Navy
Construction of HMS Venturer BeginsConstruction of HMS Venturer BeginsConstruction of HMS Venturer BeginsHMS VenturerHMS Venturer
The keel laying of a ship is always an exciting moment, regardless of the ship’s type. Time is measured differently when it comes to boat building, so the seven-month period between the first steel cut and the keel-laying ceremony for the UK Royal Navy’s newest vessel is considered short. The first vessel in a brand-new frigate class is coming to life.
HMS Venturer is named after a submarine that was the first one to torpedo and annihilate another ship while they were both submerged. Ironically, this new frigate isn’t meant to engage in anti-submarine warfare, like the Type 23 frigates it’s replacing and the new Type 26 ones. Together with its future four sisters, HMS Venturer will go on patrol missions, conduct counter-terrorism tasks, and offer a helping hand in case of disasters.

This is what the future holds for the new Inspiration-class Type 31 warships. HMS Venturer is the one leading the way, soon to be followed by HMS Active, Formidable, Bulldog, and Cambel town. They will be replacing the aging Type 23 frigates alongside the new Type 26 frigates, also currently under construction. The new ships are longer, wider, and heavier than the Type 23 but a bit lighter and shorter than the Type 26.

The new frigates are being built around the same area. The Rosyth dockyard in Scotland recently kicked off the construction of HMS Venturer. But the Venturer Hall is big enough to allow two frigates to be built side by side. Starting next year, the 6,000-ton military ship will be joined by its sister HMS Active for the, building process.

These new warships will sport the advanced Sea Ceptor air defense missiles, in addition to a 57 mm gun and two 40 mm secondary guns. Cutting-edge sensors and computer systems will add to their prowess, while three Pacific 24 boats will be ready to be launched in no time, especially for counter-narcotics operations.

The new Type 31 frigates are part of a larger government investment project unfolding over the next three years.
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