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Royal Enfield Clubracer 400 Concept, Will They Make It?

Here's another take on the Royal Enfield Himalayan platform from Oberdan Bezzi, but this time, we're looking at a very nice machine that packs tons of style, even in its virtual, digital rendering form.
Royal Enfield Clubracer 400 Concept 1 photo
Even though this machine builds on a new bike made in India, there's nothing Oriental to it. Instead, we're looking at a bike that simply oozes English manners, and its Clubracer 400 moniker could not have been a better choice.

The creation is the first echo of Royal Enfield CEO's recent declaration that the Indian manufacturer plans to build higher-performance motorcycle models for the international markets. Until RE sorts out their problems with the lack of power of their current bikes, the Himalayan should make do.

At least that's what Obiboi believes. He imagines the power plant of the Himalayan installed in a new frame that exudes purist English cafe-racer styling and road stance. This means that Royal Enfield should make some efforts and revise their classic-looks frames, while getting eady to implement a lot of changes.

High-performance forks and a rear monoshock are key elements of the new concept, with Bezzi opting for a no-compromise Ohlins fork in his rendering.

Sure, using the Himalaya engine that is anything but impressive would not be the smartest choice, as the forks could be pricier than the entire lump and not exactly worth installing on such a bike. Still, a heap of very good USD forks that are cheaper can be sourced from many suppliers.

The same might be true for the radial-mount Brembo front calipers, but again, the new Royal Enfield desperately needs upgraded brakes. For some reason, the exhaust collectors remind us of Triumph's modern classics, and in a very good way. They add character and a most welcome feeling of balance.

Modern instruments housed in classic casings, a round headlight, or possibly a twin one, plus a rigorous English cafe styling could also make do. Bezzi goes the extra mile and says that such a concept machine could even be offered in more versions, a touring and a street tracker included. We like his dreams quite a lot, but does Royal Enfield? Suzuki, for a change, are considering going retro.


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