Rotavator Drag Racing Is Not What You See Every Day

Rotavator drag racing ahoy 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
When the need for speed reaches a certain degree, it no longer matters what a guy has to do to quench the adrenaline thirst. At times, even the least likely machines can be transformed into speed demons, and it looks like rotavators are on this list, too.
Of course, nobody expects a guy to build a Nascar race machine from a small, motorized agricultural implement. However, this doesn't mean that crazy, fast and dangerous vehicles can't be obtained with enough imagination and a dab of creative insanity.

The video after the jump contains a massive dose of "wtf," but it shows that some guys would do anything to race. The video lacks any explanation regarding the modifications these guys performed on their garden machines, but it looks like there is no turning back.

Plowing or getting rid of the weeds no longer seems doable with these machines. Anyway, it also looks like these guys aren't exactly sad to have abandoned the garden work in favor of drag racing.

Danger is the name of the game

It's hard to say where this video was shot, but it looks like this race takes place in an Asian country. Not that it would matter too much. What is even more striking than the rotavators' modding is the riders' sheer lack of concern for personal health.

Even so, we can credit them for using SOME sort of helmets while at it. To us they look more like helmets used around construction sites. Even if they were motorcycle lids, they would only make a very small difference. Such helmets, just like braincaps, provide little to no protection at all during a crash.

With most of the injuries being located in the jaw area, you don't need a helmet expert to understand how horribly can things play out in case of a crash. And riding a makeshift structure that uses agro-wheels doesn't look too safe either. Well, we guess we'll just have to live with it, and hope that these fellows live as well. By the way, here is another rotavator bike!

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