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Rosso Anteros Lamborghini Urus Shines Brighter than the Sun

More and more owners of the Lamborghini Urus are taking delivery of their machines, which means we get to check out the high-riding Sant'Agata Bolognese machine in the real world. And the latest example of this brings us a beast that can be spotted from a mile way, thanks to its bright attire.
Rosso Anteros Lamborghini Urus 4 photos
Rosso Antero Lamborghini UrusRosso Antero Lamborghini UrusRosso Antero Lamborghini Urus
Judging by what we can see in these images, the Urus seems to be dressed in Rosso Anteros, a bright shade of red (for instance, there's also Rosso Mars, but that is a slightly darker shade) - lens tip to Autojunk for these pics.

If we also factor in the red brake calipers and the black contrasting elements present on the car, we end up with the a machine that simply can't be ignored.

And even if we're talking about a Raging Bull, such a color might split opinions, since there are many aficionados who prefer tamer hues.

The 650 hp animal was caught on camera close to a Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 finished in Black, with the two making for an awesome pair.

While we're talking real-world Lamborghini Urus adventures, we'll remind you of two such stunts we recently showed you.

One of them involves a black incarnation of the Italian SUV, which met its close (perhaps too close) sibling, the Audi Q8, over in Switzerland. Interestingly, the German machine also came in black.

As for a more dynamic adventure, somebody recently took the Lamborghini Urus out for a spin and we mean this in a literal way. Those of you who are tuned into our hooning tales might be familiar to an aficionado who goes by the nickname of powerslidelover, with the man having drifted the mega-Lambo.

The whole thing took place on gravel, with this reminding us of footage coming from the (where-is-it-now?) Tax The Ritch YouTube channel.


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