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Ross Brawn Says Michael Schumacher Shows Encouraging Recovery Signs

Michael Schumacher has yet to recover from the skiing accident that took place almost three years ago.
Michael Schumacher 1 photo
Fortunately, Schumacher is still alive, even if he is not in the best physical condition. However, we some have positive news from Mr. Ross Brawn, the former team manager who coordinated Schuey’s seven F1 titles, after Brawn made a statement in an interview with the BBC’s Radio 5.

Brawn said that Schumacher’s recovery shows “encouraging signs,” and that he and Michael’s friends and family pray every day to see more of them. He then went on to note that there has been too much speculation about the F1 legend’s health and condition, and that most of them were wrong.

Schumacher’s family wants to keep the recovery process of the legendary driver private, and they are doing the best they can from this point of view.

From the first moment after news of Michael’s skiing accident broke to his arrival in the hospital, tabloids and other news outlets have attempted to enter his hospital room or to find out confidential information about the F1 champion.

Ross Brawn concluded that it would be difficult for him to say more about Schumacher without upsetting his family, because it is a matter of privacy at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the fans and all the F1 viewers who respect the legendary driver can only hope for the best when Michael’s health is concerned.

After three years of convalescence, it is clear that Schumacher will never return to motorsport. It is believed that he currently faces an arduous recovery process, which has many implications that are not of interest to an automotive website.

Just like his fans, we hope to see Michael Schumacher in public again, and we cannot wait for the day when his representatives will announce that the champion is ready to leave the privacy of his home and be seen by everyone in better health.


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