Ron Dennis Driving License Suspended for 6 Months

When talking about Formula 1 and speeding tickets, most people would think of drivers. After all, driving F1 single-seaters at over 150 mph every other weekend can have an effect on one's everyday driving on public roads. However, this news here – also about a wrongdoing while in traffic – doesn't concern an F1 driver, but a former F1 manager.

According to media reports in the UK, former team manager of McLaren Mercedes Ron Dennis has had his driving license revoked for a period of 6 months.

Back in September, Dennis was caught by the traffic police running a red light in Bagshot. Consequently, he received 3 points of penalty which, added to his existing 9 at the time, got his total up to 12, leading to an automatic six-month ban.

Earlier this week, he appeared in front of the Woking Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty on the charges, but tried to make a case against the driving ban. He argued that he ran the red light in order to avoid a collision with a friend of his who was driving behind too close to his car. However, the McLaren Group executive chairman did not succeed in convincing the Court to let him keep his license, and was also fined £350 for the offence, along with court costs.

It was the decision I took for which I realise I'm here to take the penalty, but as I have said I really need my licence,” said Dennis in court, according to website. “I have no hardship but I would have a massive amount of trouble not being able to look after my daughter at the weekends.”

Our executive chairman's driving license has been suspended for six months following four minor traffic infringements that resulted in 12 penalty points being accrued,” added a spokesman for McLaren.


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