4x4 VW Crafter Conversion
Countless countries contribute vehicle designs to the glamping and off-grid lifestyle. Over time, a few nations have been known to yield amazing machines designed for ultimate comfort in some of the most inhospitable landscapes around. This next one is designed to brave the lands of Africa.

Romania Hits the Off-Grid Game Hard With This 4x4 VW Crafter Conversion: Aimed at Africa

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Now, another nation that's breaking ground in this industry is Romania. Over the past few years, countless designers and manufacturers have popped up from this nation and are taking a crack at RV fame. One team that I've personally met, and the subject of discussion today, is Sfinx Camper & Conversion.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because we've shown off their work before, but this time around, we'll be taking a walk through a 4x4 VW Crafter conversion that's bound for a client from France. However, this machine's capabilities will be exploited in Africa. Yes, this trinket is an all-out savannah explorer.

Anytime you decide to take on the lands of Africa, you can bet your bottom dollar that you're going to need a beefed-up suspension, and so the Crafter is equipped with an off-road suspension and underbody protection from Seikel and AT tires to ensure adequate grip in ever-shifting landscapes.

Beyond that, the exterior of this bugger is tattered with goodies designed to give its future client the experience they want. Considering Sfinx works closely with clients during conversions and even after, you can bet that it's everything the Frenchman or woman wanted. This includes two 300-watt solar panels and a rooftop platform designed for taking breathtaking shots of the surroundings and wildlife.

Ok, so taking photos of the wildlings and all that is nice, but what about the comforts of home that owners can look forward to? Well, this is really where Sfinx was able to show off just what they can do. Considering the interior is completely custom and designed using 3D software, every little nook and cranny has been optimized for off-grid living.

What does that mean? Well, I invite you to check out the gallery first and then return to the text. As you can see, entry into the habitat is made from either side door or the cab. Once inside, you'll be right in the center of a rather modern interior which blends composites and wood beautifully, in the process, yielding a galley block, countless overhead storage bins and bays, a wet bath, and an elevated bedroom. Why elevated? Simply because of the massive gear garage integrated into the rear. After all, when you're out in the wild for days, you can never have enough water, food, and supplies in case things go south.

Speaking of being out in the wild for days on end, this conversion is also filled with several systems designed to keep you out in the wild for as long as possible. You already know about solar capacities, but what you can't see is the water filtration system, 150 liters (39.6 gallons) of fresh water, 200-amp-hour battery, 27-liter (7.1-gallon) gas can, and thermal and phonic insulation; no problems with elephants trumpeting their trunks outside this camper.

And that's not the end of this story either. After over two months of designing and building this machine, you can bet your bottom dollar that the client endowed with this 4x4 off-grid home will be exploring the landscapes of Africa with a big ol' grin on his or her face. Once Africa is tamed, it's on to other lands, and it looks like this conversion will carry someone's dreams.

Now, considering Sfinx has been around since 2012, they're one of the crews that have managed to build a name for themselves outside of Romania. Today, their repertoire is filled with vehicles ranging from food trucks to mobile auto shops, Unimog conversions, motorhomes, and of course, campers. Well, all that experience is wrapped up in this Crafter conversion and achieved with a tad over €50,000 ($51,000 at current exchange rates), not including the base vehicle. If you like what you just read about, you know precisely what to do. Happy travels!


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