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Rolo Is a OneBot Concept That Is Supposed to Restructure Short Distance Travel
So this is getting a little out of hand. What you are looking at is nothing more than a OneBot concept design from Alejandro Otalora. She may not be palpable yet. But it may not be too far along.

Rolo Is a OneBot Concept That Is Supposed to Restructure Short Distance Travel

She’s called Rolo and features a mashup of technologies and benefits. But before we get into that, we must ask what brings about such a design. Well, a design contest. She was made to showcase a possible idea which should revolutionize the way we travel through our cities.

We'll be blunt, it is a treadmill. A treadmill that’s supposed to help you stay fit and active while traveling from one destination to another. But things today already do that, like bikes, or rollerblades, heck even the Alinker comes with the most basic showing of this principle.

However, that would mean we would have nothing to present to you. This is surely not the case. First off, the Rolo was created with the idea that she will be the next ride sharing idea. With a number of hubs throughout whatever city she may be in, they would be stored, recharged, and made available for the next customer. 

But don’t start thinking you’ll have to hunt these down throughout your city, no. The Rolo is designed to be completely autonomous. With the use of AI, all you have to do is order the Rolo on your app and wait for her to arrive wherever you are. With a number of sensors dubbed ‘eyes’ she scans terrain and will anticipate road conditions accompanied by a Lidar navigational camera is also to be mounted for further assurance.

So now you have this thing in front of you, what do you do? You lift the solar panel and hop on. Oh yeah, how silly of me. I forgot all about the solar capability she’s designed with. On top of the Rolo you’ll see a solar panel. This allows her to charge her batteries no matter where she is, including while traveling to you.

But once you’re on, her second recharge function kick in, the treadmill. As we mentioned earlier, she has a function which acts as a treadmill. But why? First, she’s meant to offer you a faster alternative to walking while still getting you to your destination sooner. And secondly, she has a recharge function which is powered by you. As you walk on the Rolo, her lithium titanate batteries are recharged.

But this raises some questions of which one is, why should you even walk on this thing if it can already autonomously carry you places. You could just have a seat and take a nap. Why not? It’s not like our brains want to exert energy. Generally speaking, we humans aren't looking to expend more energy than is needed.

Think about it for a second. You get up in the morning and order one of these to your door. With eyes half asleep and a coffee in hand, you get on the Rolo with your nearly buttoned up shirt. The last thing you’ll want to do is kick your legs. You’ll just have a seat, button up your shirt, and just lean against the solar panel enjoying you fresh coffee. We're not saying it’s not a good idea, but it just may be obsolete compared to already existing trinkets.


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