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Rolls-Royce to Boost Luxury eVTOL Services and Infrastructure at Future Vertiports

If anyone had doubts about the fact that air taxis and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) will soon be at the forefront of regular flight operations, the fact that even the most luxurious players in aviation are geared towards this is very telling. One project that sounds like it’s going to enjoy great success involves a top-level private jet operator and the prestigious Rolls-Royce.
Rolls-Royce will provide fast-charging solutions for electric aircraft at Luxaviation's future vertiports 6 photos
Luxaviation Private Helicopter ServicesLuxaviation Private Helicopter ServicesLuxaviation Private Helicopter ServicesLuxaviation Private Helicopter ServicesLuxaviation Private Helicopter Services
Luxaviation claims to operate and charter one of the largest private jet fleets in the world, offering the most exquisite services (including fine wines) to the most demanding private jet and helicopter customers. It’s not only a Belgian company with deep roots (it was founded by a well-known pilot, Andre Ganshof van der Meersch, in 1964), but is also the Official Supplier to the Court of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

In addition to this, it has taken several steps towards promoting electric aircraft and AAM solutions. Its newest pilot project related to this will be implemented together with an aerospace giant, Rolls-Royce. The two will be working on an upcoming network of vertiports, building on Luxaviation’s advantage of already having access to more than 120 VIP terminals all over the world.

The project is still in the very early stages, but it seems that Rolls-Royce will not only power the future eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) and fixed-wing commuter aircraft, but will also help with the charging infrastructure, maintenance services, and digital solutions for AAM.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems has already developed cutting-edge eco-friendly micro-grids that incorporate renewable energy sources, battery storage, and conventional power generation as well. In the near future, they’ll also include fuel cell generators. Based on these existing micro-grids, the company will ensure fast-charging solutions for the future eVTOLs, in addition to maintenance services for all the related electrical systems.

The official launch date of this vertiport network hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s a significant step towards sustainable aviation, showing that even luxury air mobility services can become eco-friendly.

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