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Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake Makes More Sense than the Wraith

Expectations. This is the one aspect that can influence our interaction with a vehicle up to the point where it ends up weighing just as much as the assets of the machine themselves.
Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake rendering 1 photo
Perhaps this is one of the reasons for which we found the Rolls-Royce Wraith inferior to the Ghost. For one thing, it’s unacceptable for a coupe to display similar body roll and handling characteristics to the sedan it is based on.

While the Ghost packs a surprising amount of driving involved, its two-door incarnation isn’t exactly the brilliant-to-drive Grand Tourer one could expect. Sure, Crewe explains the Wraith is at home in the Alps, but things are different in real life.

And since the Rolls-Royce Wraith seems a bit too cumbersome for its coupe form, we feel a shooting brake incarnation would be more appropriate. Which is why we brought you one, in the form of a rendering.

The piece comes from Rain Prisk Designs and it took about an hour to complete. This feels like the kind of stuff a pixel master could handle during his or her lunch break.

While the styling of such a proposal would be imposing enough to allow the Spirit of Ecstasy to float over the radiator grille, the shooting brake body would bring tons of other assets.

For instance, the luggage capacity would easily allow a trip across the continent. And given Rolls-Royce’s design identity, the space would be put to better use than in the case of the Ferrari FF, for example.

The obvious expectation lowering (compared to the Wraith) effect would also be present. You can’t expect something that looks this sinisterly massive to deliver supercar-level handling, can you?

Nevertheless, such models have a limited clientele and can sometimes be considered eccentric niches, which is why most of these ideas never reach anybody’s driveway.


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