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Rolls-Royce Cullinan Has Wide Hips and a Wheel Fetish, Could Probably Trap About Them

You and I would never do anything to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan that would involve the tuning world. But the jet set obviously has a different opinion, hence the multitude of the modified luxury SUVs born at the Goodwood plant in England that we’ve covered over the years.
Rolls-Royce Cullinan 8 photos
Rolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce CullinanRolls-Royce Cullinan
That already long list has now grown to include yet another copy, and even though it has kind of tapped into its flashier side, we cannot hate it. As a matter of fact, we do dig the enhanced looks, or as much as we can see in the video and photos shared by rdbla on social media earlier this week, and embedded at the bottom of the page.

One of the most eye-catching features is the wide body makeover. The fender flares, and other parts, finished in the same black shade as the rest of the body, came from 1016 Industries, and fit the overall styling of this Rolls-Royce Cullinan like a glove. There are still a few shiny accents on the outside, providing some contrast to the blacked-out looks.

The average Joe might confuse those wheels with the stock offering for the simple fact that they have a classic multi-spoke design, and bear the car manufacturer’s logo on the center caps. However, petrolheads already know that they came from the aftermarket world, as they are simply big. They measure 26 inches in diameter, and are hugged by thin rubber at both axles.

A slammed-to-the-ground design completes the looks, and likely rounds off the makeover, as they haven’t said anything else about it. Thus, it probably remains stock inside, and under the hood, where it packs a twin-turbo 6.75-liter V12, with 562 hp (570 ps / 419 kW) and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm). It’s not polite to ask a Rolls-Royce how fast it is, but it can hit 62 mph (100 kph) in less than 6 seconds, from a standstill, and will keep going up to 155 mph (250 kph).


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