Robertsham CiTi, Another Good-Looking Carcycle Concept

Being stuck in traffic for hours is one of the things people really hate. Motorcycle riders rarely find themselves in such a predicament, thanks to the small dimensions of their vehicles allowing them to filter ahead and make it through easily. But if one doesn't want to ride in the rain or can't change to business clothes at your destination, the bike is not enough: so here the Robertsham CiTi, a new carcycle to solve this issue.
Robertsham CiTi 7 photos
Robertsham CiTiRobertsham CiTiRobertsham CiTiRobertsham CiTiRobertsham CiTiRobertsham CiTi
The Robertsham CiTi brings the best of the two worlds, in case a trike is enough for you: the character, acceleration and small dimensions of the bike and the convenience of having a roof over your head.

The size of Honda Goldwing, CiTi boasts a safety belt and rollover guard for enhanced security and will allow the operator to split lanes. The project will sport an 1000cc V-twin power unit delivering 100 hp and 50 mpg (4.7 l/100 km).

An 80kW electric engine is also planned, offering 100 miles (160 km) per charge, with a 25kW optional extender. The petrol engine will also let you mock others with its 4 seconds for 0 to 60 (96 km/h), in case this is still a priority.

Up for public funding, the Robertsham CiTi will retail under $15,000 (€11,075) and we'd really like to see it up and running.


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