Roadster Starman Has Run-in with Russian Astronauts in Hilarious Spoof

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You just knew people wouldn't be able to help themselves from coming up with various parodies when there's an actual car - and a red convertible at that - spinning around in space with a man dressed in a white suit sitting at the wheel.
The absurdity of this picture - which, thanks to the shots posted by Musk on Instagram, we don't even have to imagine to see - is so great that we're frankly surprised it took people so long to come up with jokes on the subject. Then again, if we're talking about productions so elaborate as this one, then it's perfectly explainable.

We suspect Starman will go through lots and lots of other adventures over the course of the next month thanks to the imagination of people who take pleasure in entertaining the rest of us with the products of their minds, but for a first effort, this short clip isn't bad at all.

In fact, it's pretty darn hilarious - and a bit true as well, as it's poking fun at the self-entitlement of some of the EV - and Tesla in particular - drivers. It all starts with a couple of Russian astronauts enjoying some quiet time on the space station when the obnoxious Starman drives by in his Tesla Roadster, top down and music blasting from its speakers. What? We never said it was a scientifically-accurate spoof.

The three start chatting and it's not long until things get a little out of hand, as the two Russians - well, mostly Igor - were sick of having to share their electricity so Starman could charge his Tesla and then drive around "like a maniac" upsetting the "quiet neighborhood."

The conversation takes a bad turn for the man in the Tesla when Igor asks him what exactly is the point of him being out in space. We've seen Tesla fans get upset when the media called this a "PR stunt," but that's precisely what it is. It's not meant as a criticism aimed at Musk - on the contrary, he needed a payload for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket and he got one that would benefit two of his companies at once. Fair play.

Well, Starman can't provide the answer and bursts into tears, realizing that, indeed, his presence there doesn't serve any purpose. The two try to comfort him, but in doing so are also taking a stab at Tesla. They say he "showed the entire world it was possible," and by that they mean it's OK to throw stuff into space. Because, you know, space is big and can take it. However, we used to think that of the oceans, and we all know how that's going.

(Warning: some foul language involved)

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