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Road Safety in Kenya Is a Bad Joke

As revolting watching this video might be to most decent-minded motorcycle riders, there is an undeniable overdose of crazy fun to it, too. Some might be tempted to believe that the one at fault is the motorcyclist, but learning that the footage was shot in Kenya begins to explain things.
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Road Safety in Kenya Is a Bad JokeRoad Safety in Kenya Is a Bad JokeRoad Safety in Kenya Is a Bad JokeRoad Safety in Kenya Is a Bad JokeRoad Safety in Kenya Is a Bad Joke
For starters, the rider is on the right side of the road, that being the left side, if you see the irony. Yes, in Kenya, like in many other countries around the world, traffic is still using the left side of the road. Call it a reminiscence of a British dominion if you wish, it matters little.

People traveling in countries where traffic uses the left lane should get some training and grow at least a bit accustomed to how things roll on such roads. However, you'd be tempted to think that the roundabouts would be problematic for motorists used to the other way around, but this straight line road segment proves that even casual traffic can be a pain in the back, to say the least.

Simply mentioning the term "road safety" causes a broad smile as we watch this video. It's more than obvious that most of the drivers that appear in this short piece would most likely frown a bit when asked to describe what they understand by "safety."

Thankfully, none of these is driving fast, and this might pass as the basic precaution they take. However, seeing a car that rides off the road, passing another vehicle that is already passing the line and clipping the left side case of the bike is downright crazy.

Luckily, the rider was flung off his BMW, but not injured, and only the saddlebag took some damage. Still, the video stops before we can find out whether that case could be locked back onto the rack or not.

Zip ties, gaffer tape, and other similar items suddenly became must-have items when planning to ride in Kenya. Phew, that was insanely close!


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