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Road Rage Strikes Again in Russia

We’ve said countless times that road rage is a phenomenon which arises more from people’s own stressful lives, and less from the actual traffic incidents which may occur, most of which are quite minor. Such stressed-out drivers tend to overreact and make a big fuss out of nothing.
Take this Ford Mondeo driver who simply does not want to let the Lada driver get ahead of him, on the right lane. However, his foolish driving inevitably leads to contact between the two cars, and while there may be no really serious damage, the idea of the fact that it all could have very easily been avoided with common sense is very clear.

Why do these people take out their anger on other road users instead of finding out the root cause of their problems and dealing with them in a constructive way? Perhaps they should be forced by law to always have an anger management counselor with them at all times.


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