Road Rage Reaches Knife Level in Thailand

There have been two things that came to my mind as I was watching the video after the jump. The first one was "wow, this driver could really use some extra care when checking out for riders before changing his direction". However, seeing the scooter riders who crashed into the car producing knives and attacking the car has instantaneously brought the famous Manhattan Brawl scenes to mind.
Knives appear after a scooter-car crash in Thailand 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
I have no idea about what the Thai law has to say in such scenarios, but I could definitely picture myself at least putting the car in reverse and fleeing the site, with the closest police station as destination.

Running attackers over is self-defense in some countries

However, other fellows could have a completely different reaction at the sight of people approaching the car wielding knives. Attacking the vehicle and threatening the occupants might have triggered a much more aggressive reaction from the driver.

We saw Alexian Lien flooring the gas in his Range Rover as the riders threatened him, his wife and infant child and driving straight on over bikes and people. One of the riders in his way was injured seriously and will most likely never walk again.

Lawsuits are apparently still in progress, but so far Lien was not charged as some riders hoped he would because the police and judges seem to have agreed that his actions were only dictated by self-defense.

As nasty as a crash can be, threatening the driver of a vehicle while standing in front of it is a very very risky thing, and in a knife versus car in full throttle, I'd put my money on the four-wheeler.

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