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Road Rage Incident in China Takes a Turn for the Absurd

If you think about it, almost all road rage clashes are absurd, but this one definitely has something special. And it starts off so... normal. But leave it to the stupidity of the human mind to turn a minor traffic bump into a possible ticket to jail.
Road rage in China 1 photo
As it so often happens with these videos, we don't quite get the full story. It's obvious the Volkswagen driver had something against the man in the camera car, but what exactly, we can only speculate. Whatever it was, we're pretty sure he didn't steal his wife or anything else serious enough to warrant his reaction.

On the other hand, it's also quite obvious the guy with the dashcam crashes on purpose into the Volkswagen. He had plenty of time to react and brake, and yet he didn't show the intention of doing any of that. He just plows into the back of the car despite the fact that he's recording, and it will show he didn't do anything to prevent it.

But maybe he had a feeling about what was going to come next, so he figured him bumping the other guy's car will get lost among the things the Volkswagen driver would do. Seconds after the collision, he gets out of the car and climbs on top of the one behind. The audio suggests the second driver gets out of the car as well, but we can't see what they're doing. Or who's winning. However, we have a strong feeling they're not exchanging cookie recipes.

But considering his face as the pair returns, we guess it didn't go well for him. But he has a backup plan. Now that his wife is out of the car, he goes forward into the intersection, turns around and rams the camera car. Repeatedly. Why exactly he felt the need to turn the car around and hit the more vulnerable front part is beyond us, but we're not the road raging experts he is.

The other driver defends by producing a baseball bat and smashes the Volkswagen's windshield, all while the VW driver's wife tries to convince him to stop escalating the conflict, probably telling him that her husband is a psycho, and they could be there the whole night. The man ignores her, and the VW driver proves her right by attempting to run the other guy over. He also appears to hit his wife lightly, but that's just collateral. She knew what she was getting herself into when she said "I do."

In the end, the man in the VW leaves the scene all calm as if nothing happened, probably heading over to the baseball bat store so the two could have a fair fight. His wife takes her phone from the car and climbs back up on the curb that kept her safe from her maniac husband just a few moments earlier. For a second, the whole scene is peaceful, and so it's the perfect time to end the clip. Like all road rage videos, nobody wins, nobody loses - well, except for the entire human race.


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