Road Rage Amateurs Please Come Forth

Grab some beers and your favorite snack and sit in front of your computer, search “road rage” on Youtube and prepare to write down all the things crazy motorists use to fight others. Provided you have enough beer, you’ll meet pretty much anything, ranging from manly bare knuckle fights, to clubs, iron rods, baseball bats, knives, gas tanks, angle grinders and hand guns. But there’s one thing still missing: a 20mm cannon!
Working 20mm auto cannon loaded on a sidecar bike 1 photo
Photo: Discovery
Guns and bikes are no strangers, as there were plenty of WWI, WWII and even more recent military projects involving both. For example, take this badass Vespa was designed to be parachuted into the operation zones, loaded with an M20 “recoilless rifle“, later used with all sorts of ammunition, from smoke projectiles to high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds.

Now, if we compare any item on the list you’ve just made with a 20mm Hispano Suiza auto cannon mounted on a sidecar, it may look like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Riding such a machine on public roads is obviously not the least conspicuous thing one can think, but such a presence will definitely eliminate all chances for a “smidsy crash”.

Please note that we do not support road rage incidents not the use of violence to solve potential conflicts which may develop on the road, so this piece should not be seen as one encouraging motorists to use guns. It was just the fact that Discovery’s Sons of Guns tried to see if they could load a WWII auto cannon on a sidecar motorcycle, and shooting it for fun and for our entertainment. Personally, I could ditch the cannon and just take the bike…

And if you thought I mentioned angle grinders just for the kicks, this autoevolution story will prove the opposite.

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