Rivian Turns R1T Electric Pickup Truck Into Camper Rig

Rivian appears to be the start-up of the moment as far as the automotive industry is concerned. Both Amazon and the Ford Motor Company pumped a lot of greenback into the Plymouth, Michigan-based company, and chances are the Blue Oval will leverage the technologies of the R1T.
Rivian R1T Electric Camper Truck 9 photos
Rivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper Truck
Expected to enter production towards the end of 2020, the R1T is a lot more than a pickup truck. To this effect, Rivian decided to showcase the versatility of the e-workhorse by turning the R1T into an electric camper at the 2019 Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“We’ve been coming to Overland for a few years now, learning from this community how they use their vehicles,” declared creative director Larry Parker. “Much of what we’ve learned from Overland attendees has gone into our product design." First things first, the modifications start with a camp stove which slides out of the gear tunnel.

Because the stove is powered by the 180-kW battery, what Rivian proposes with this concept is emissions-free cooking. A bed-mount tent and access ladder are also present, along with a roof rack that provides additional storage for whatever gear you plan on taking with you.

Turning our attention back to the battery, 180 kW is the most in the industry. Rivian claims that a week of cooking and lighting will utilize 11 percent of the charge, and that’s impressive by all accounts. Powering all four electric motors, however, translates to an overall range of more than 400 miles.

Capable of towing up to 11,000 pounds, the R1T offers 14 inches of ground clearance thanks to air suspension. A built-in air compressor and alarmed gear security loops are two other highlights, along with the 200-horsepower rating of each electric motor.

In terms of off-road capability, the R1T can hold its own even when things get humid. Rivian talks about a wading depth of up to three feet of water, making a case for the fully sealed battery and drive units.

Along with the R1T, Rivian plans to launch the R1S sport utility vehicle with seating for seven people. Both are scheduled for introduction outside of the United States “starting in 2021,” and Rivian is now accepting pre-orders on both models.


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