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Rivian's Going To Fix Your R1T's Powered Tonneau Cover for Free, but Not Right Now

Multiple Rivian R1T customers have complained about the powered tonneau cover not working correctly. Some have discussed it only with the manufacturer’s service team, while others chose to go online with it. But since Rivian isn’t like other American all-electric automakers that we know, the company decided to let everyone know it’s looking for a proper fix, and it will be available to anyone who might need it at no cost. Here’s what you need to know.
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Rivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truck
When the first R1Ts were sent out for testing, media and lucky customers noticed almost everything was great about the EV pickup truck. But, as with any car, there are some drawbacks. And this is especially true when you remember that Rivian is a startup. The feature-lacking software and the delicate powered tonneau cover were the most commonly mentioned issues. While an update could quickly fix or improve the vehicle via over-the-air changes (which has already happened), replacing a moveable part wasn't going to be easy. However, Rivian didn't immediately address the situation.

As production ramped up, pre-order holders became pickup truck owners. Those who paid for the powered tonneau cover noticed something was off or plain wrong. After the initial enthusiasm wore off, they understood service might be needed for the retractable bed cover. People discussed the issue with other owners, and many realized this is somewhat of a common problem. So, the media and those that got their hands on the vehicles first were right – the tonneau cover in its current form is prone to break.

After multiple service requests and complaints published online, Rivian decided it was time to act before it gets out of control. So, as any other responsible company would do, they first sent an email signed by Rivian’s Head of Customer Engagement. It notified them about two important things – the manufacturer knows something’s wrong, and there’s a fix coming.

But in a world where sourcing parts and making sure deliveries happen on time are becoming increasingly demanding and costly, Rivian could struggle with helping anyone promptly. The information sent via email says a solution is coming “early next year,” and they’ll “reach out at that time with next steps.”

The solution involves redesigning a subcomponent that “improves the tonneau cover's robustness against manufacturing build variations.” The look or the function won’t change.

All in all, if you have a Rivian R1T and the tonneau cover doesn’t work properly, or it has broken down already, then you must know there’s a fix coming in 2023 that’ll be done for free, under warranty. Just make sure you’ve notified the service team by phone or within the dedicated app.

This is not a recall (since it doesn't affect the car's safety). The automaker is just making sure customers’ problems are being addressed.


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