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Rivian Produced 1,015 Vehicles and Delivered 920 Units in 2021

Check any Lucid tweet, and you will see a big bunch of Tesla followers asking the company how many vehicles it produced and sold in 2021. If Rivian has the same issue, it has solved it by disclosing it made 1,015 EVs and delivered 920 of these vehicles in 2021. In other words, 95 of the units manufactured in 2021 will be put in the customers’ hands in 2022.
Rivian Manufacturing Process 8 photos
Rivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing ProcessRivian Manufacturing Process
Rivian did not disclose how many of these vehicles were R1T or R1S units. If you consider that the company will also manufacture the Amazon delivery vans, prioritizing delivering them over to its biggest client as soon as possible, they may also play a role in these numbers.

The Wall Street Journal discovered that the company’s COO (chief operating officer) left the company in December. Rod Copes retired from Rivian right in the middle of the production ramp-up. It is not clear how and if that management shift impacted the production and delivery results.

So far, the first modern electric pickup truck for sale in the U.S. has been having a lot of success among critics. The R1T won multiple prizes, including the 2022 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award. Regarding the R1S, we know that two of them were delivered: to RJ Scaringe, the company’s CEO, and Claire McDonald, Rivian’s CFO (chief financial officer).

For these numbers to increase, Rivian will have to put its Normal plant in Illinois to operate at full speed. The next factory the company already announced will be in Georgia will produce 400,000 vehicles per year. The bad news is that this will only happen by 2024, or two years from now.

Apart from the Georgia plant, Rivian is also planning a factory in Europe. Three countries want the investment more than the others: the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. Rumors indicate that the British government is trying all it can to establish the Rivian plant there. However, Rivian will probably consider exporting advantages before it takes a final decision. With the UK out of the European Union, building a factory may not make much sense.

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