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Rivian Pickup Truck, SUV Rendered With Police Livery, Off-Road Mods, Six Wheels

The Ford Motor Company and General Motors are both trying to outdo each other in the e-truck wars, but Tesla is way ahead of both Detroit-based automakers. The Cybertruck, however, is scheduled to start production in the latter part of 2021 for the 2022 model year.
Rivian R1T 6x6 rendering 14 photos
Rivian R1S U.S. Forest Service renderingRivian R1S Police Interceptor renderingRivian R1T Dubai Police Interceptor renderingRivian R1T 6x6 renderingRivian R1T 6x6 renderingRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper TruckRivian R1T Electric Camper Truck
These circumstances bring us to Rivian, an 11-year-old startup based in Plymouth, Michigan that plans to roll out the R1T pickup truck and R1S sport utility vehicle towards the end of 2020. Even though the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on automobile production in North America, Rivian hasn’t announced any changes to the start of production.

Having covered this pressing matter, Rivian appears to be looking forward to extending its sales to specialized fleets. The administrator of the Rivian Owners Forum makes a case for police interceptors thanks to “a special seat patent that was filed late last year.” The seat “wouldn’t interfere with gear that first responders wear nearly all the time.”

The administrator has duly uploaded two renderings of the R1T and R1S with U.S. and Dubai police liveries, and boy – they look so good! The SUV is the more no-nonsense design of the two thanks to steelies, push bars, and mirror-mounted spot lights. The forum where these renderings are posted also includes a 6x6 overlanding rig, a six-wheeled R1T with huge wheels as well as ginormous fender flares for good measure.

Forum member eHauler shared his own vision of the R1S for the U.S. Forest Service. This rendering is far more conventional than the 6x6 mentioned in the previous paragraph, but nevertheless, it shows that Rivian’s electric utility vehicle has aftermarket potential.

On an ending note, the Michigan-based company will manufacture the R1T and R1S as the former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois. Rivian paid $16 million for the facility and land on which it stands in 2017. To get the factory going, approximately $150 million will be spent.


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