Rivian Confirms First R1S Customers Got Their Toys To Play With for Christmas

In its first public earnings report, Rivian has confirmed deliveries of R1S SUV are already underway. Don't expect volume production yet, as early estimates indicate only 25 units will be produced by the end of the year, with 15 delivered to customers.
Rivian confirmed deliveries of R1S SUV are already underway 6 photos
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Rivian seems an even hungrier beast than Tesla when it comes to delivering results. The American startup recently launched its IPO in September, and it announced its first deliveries to clients. soon after While the first customers of the R1T pickup truck were Rivian employees, the company has also started to fulfill orders from private customers. The R1T proved to be a particularly good truck indeed and this is why MotorTrend named it 2022 Truck of the Year.

The R1S SUV, on the other hand, faces a rougher terrain, with deliveries reportedly delayed until next summer. Now it seems that even as a good chunk of the customers was notified of the delay, some lucky guys already got their hands on the new electric SUV from Rivian. The announcement was made during Rivian’s first public earnings call. This goes in line with initial expectations, as Rivian said in November it will build 25 units and deliver 15 by the end of the year.

Our major goal for 2021 is certifying the R1T, R1S, and EDV 700 for sale and starting deliveries through our direct-to-customer operations. (...) The fall of 2021 has been filled with important milestones. We delivered our first consumer vehicles, the R1T pickup truck and R1S sport utility vehicle (“SUV”), in September and December, respectively, and completed the certification process for the sale of our Electric Delivery Van (“EDV”),” writes a letter sent to Rivian’s shareholders.

According to sources cited by InsideEVs, Rivian has delivered two R1S SUVs in week 50 of 2021, so two lucky guys have already received their Christmas toys. It seems Rivian can still deliver the rest of the 13 cars it said it will deliver by the end of the year. While there is no mention regarding the customers who received the first R1S units, they’re most probably also Rivian employees.


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