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Riva Introduces First Electric-Powered Runabout, a "Glourious New Chapter" for the Yard

Iconic Italian shipbuilder Riva has just unveiled its first electric day boat during a private event at the Monaco Yacht Club, which, according to the company, blends “traditional design, advanced technology, and innovation.
Riva Yacht's El-Iseo electric day boat 7 photos
Riva Yacht's El-Iseo electric day boatRiva Yacht's El-Iseo electric day boatRiva Yacht IseoRiva Yacht IseoRiva Yacht IseoRiva Yacht Iseo
The new electric runabout prototype is a 27-foot (8.2-meter) build called Riva El-Iseo. It was named after Lake Iseo in northern Italy, the place where the history of Riva Yacht began in 1842 and where the yard’s ships are made.

This year, Riva celebrates 180 years since its inception, and the El-Iseo is the perfect boat to mark the occasion, as it perfectly reflects Riva’s heritage in its style and colors while also incorporating the newest technology out there.

El-Iseo is a glorious new chapter in the challenge that only Riva can experience every day, that of combining its legendary history with cutting-edge technology to generate beauty and style that will never go out of fashion,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

El-Iseo is the perfect expression of Riva’s essence: on one hand, deep respect for the tradition of a brand that has helped to write the history of Italian boatbuilding and, on the other, that constant drive towards perfection and ongoing research into innovation using the latest technologies.”

The new El-Iseo is the fully electric version of the much-loved 27-foot (8.2-meter) Iseo runabout, which was launched in 2011 and quickly became a must-have for cruising lovers and those who wanted a remarkable tender to go with their superyachts.

The electric day boat features the same classic style as the original namesake but is powered by emissions-free batteries. It preserves the same stern drive propulsion system as its predecessor but takes power from a Parker Hannifin-supplied electric engine capable of a power output of 250 kW/339.9 ps (300 kW/407 ps maximum). It will offer a cruising speed of 25 knots, with top speed reaching 40 knots.

Keeping things running on the boat is a lithium battery pack that boasts a capacity of 150kWh and was specifically designed for the El-Iseo. The batteries were installed in two independent blocks between the engine and the stern seating, and according to Riva Yacht, the new day boat will have a 10-hour range in economy mode.

Technology aside, the El-Iseo's design language and features are unmistakably Riva, like the swept-back windshield, spacious inner cockpit, the large rear sunped, and the pinstripe wooden foredeck.

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The images in the gallery also show the original Iseo runabout.


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