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Rising Facebook Community Demands You Stop Touching Other People's Supercars

Owning a supercar is a dream most people have at one time or another. However, very few are motivated or lucky enough to earn more money and turn that dream into reality. So they do the second best thing, which is to take photos of other people's supercars.
"Dont Touch the Cars Facebook Comunity 6 photos
Dont Touch the Cars Facebook ComunityDont Touch the Cars Facebook ComunityDont Touch the Cars Facebook ComunityDont Touch the Cars Facebook ComunityDont Touch the Cars Facebook Comunity
You might think that owning an object most desire tickles the ego of the people who actually have Ferraris and Lamborghinis. But the exact opposite can, in some cases, be true. You can't have a normal, unassuming drive in a V12 machine and you certainly can't avoid the photographs.

But for some folks, taking a photo and going about their daily business simply isn't enough. They feel the need to take the charade to the next level and pretend they own the car. Often, they lean against it or actually sit on it like Rick Ross does. As if any of your online friends will actually believe you #OwnThisFerrari when they know you flip burgers for a living, sir...

Established only a few days ago, on the 25th of August, a new Facebook page called "Dont Touch the Cars" hopes to change people's perceptions and raise awareness of this problem. Currently boasting only 2,500 likes, it's risen almost four times in the past week. The most page likes comes from London, one the supercar capitals of Europe.

Some of the posts they make are a bit mean, but they do make a very good point. Maybe these people leaning against the Zondas, Aventadors and Veyron's don't actually know it can cost over €10,000 just to wash and detail the car or that the owners wrap them in clear vynil to protect the paintjob.


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