Riprock 24 Children's Bike Looks So Good Even Adults Want to Ride It

I remember getting my first bike as if it was yesterday. It was a silver Huffy BMX with a flat top tube, gyro head tube, and pegs mounted to each hub. This one is dedicated to the up-and-coming riders among us.
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Folks, the bike you see is, in fact, a children's bike. I know, I know, you wouldn't mind riding it either, but Specialized has created the Riprock 24 for kids, and since Christmas is coming up, I thought it'd be a good idea to see what your carbon copies could be riding on your next bicycle adventure.

As you can see, it's got all the right cues of a solid bike, just as a smaller version. A dropped top tube helps offer children the clearance they need for easy mounting and dismounting, but also to help minimize the possibility of hitting the top tube in case a drop is required. On the other hand, the seat stays begin in front of the seat tube and blend into the top tube, creating one nice and fluid line.

That frame is completed using A1 Premium butted alloy, features internal cable routing, just like the big kids, and is even dropper post ready. Why there would be a dropper post on a children's bike, I don't know. Then again, there are some serious MTB prodigies out there, and a dropper post can be most useful even if you don't always ride mountains and trails. Are you starting to understand why I wouldn't mind riding this trinket either? The only feature I personally don't dig is the solid front fork.

Riprock 24 Frame
Helping your kids get a feel for an MTB is the drivetrain. Just like solid MTBs, the Riprock is also running a 1x drivetrain. This also brings the added bonus of easy-to-use mechanisms that should help your youngling fall in love with the sport. The manufacturer furnishing the rear derailleur, shift levers, and the cassette is microSHIFT, with a full advent setup tuned to the sounds of 9 speeds. Not to mention that the cassette is running a range of 11-42T. A KMC X9EPT chain with Missing Link and a forged alloy crankset complete the drivetrain.

Since no suspension is available on this trinket, children will have to rely on the tires to take care of any bumps and vibrations they encounter. However, a pair of Ground Control Sport tires won't just take care of vibrations but will bring the necessary grip to teach kids how an MTB feels.

Something my Huffy never had that the Riprock does is a set of hydraulic brakes. I always saw hydraulic brakes as being meant for the bigger kids, and this bike sports them because of the increased level of safety and teaches kids how to maneuver with a pair of discs. C-STAR front and rear brakes will be clamping down on a pair of 160-millimeter (6.3-inch) rotors.

Riprock 24
As for secondary components like stem, handlebar, seat post, and saddle, Specialized makes no mention of a specific brand; just the grips are an in-house component.

Specialized is a team that's been around since 1974 and has spent all these years aiming to be the best cycling team out there. Today, their machines can be seen on TV, smashing hills or teaching your children the ways of the cycle. Why not trust that the gear they have for our kids is tuned to the same standards?

Best of all, the Riprock 24 won't you scrounging for pennies to buy pencils and paper when winter break is over. It's currently selling for a cool 700 USD (620 EUR at current exchange rates), achievable as a Christmas gift.


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