Rino Sasaki is 21, Popular, And Japan’s Most Beautiful Truck Driver

A 21-year-old young woman from Japan has gained quite a following online, earning her the nickname of “Japan’s most beautiful truck driver.” She’s hoping to lead by example.
Rino Sasaki has been dubbed Japan's most beautiful truck driver 5 photos
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In a profession believed to be mostly for men, Rino Sasaki is an outstanding exception: she’s young, she’s smart and savvy, and (of course) she’s hot. She also knows how to use her position to gain more popularity, which will ultimately help her in her future business endeavors.

Until 7 years ago, Sasaki was a traditional dance teacher, Oddity Central reports. Her father, who is a professional long haul driver, got sick and the thought of having him on the road with no one to look after him was too much for Sasaki to bear.

She decided to accompany him whenever she could, while still keeping her old job. In time, she found she liked driving better and that she was starting having trouble keeping to a fixed schedule back home, so she gave up teaching for good. Today, she drives about 200,000 km a year in her Volvo truck and she is very popular because she makes sure she documents her life on social media and on her subscription-based blog.

While her ultimate, stated goal is to empower other women to follow her lead, mostly by showing them that there can be a glamorous side to this kind of life, she’s also thinking of capitalizing on the booming interest in her.

“Rino Sasaki says that the one thing she dislikes about her profession is not being able to find proper clothing in her size,” the publication notes. “Gloves, safety shoes, everything is too large for a woman, so one of her goals for the future is to create a line of clothing for women in the transportation industry.”

Sasaki doesn’t unload her own cargo but she knows how to fix her truck, if need be. Just in case you were wondering.

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