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Ring Brings Car Security With 3 New Products

At the Amazon 2020 event, Ring announced several other products than the indoors drone you will soon be able to fly inside your house, which will function as a complete security camera system. Three of these products aim to bring security for your car.
Ring will deliver three car security products in 2021 5 photos
Ring will deliver three car security products in 2021Ring will deliver three car security products in 2021Ring will deliver three car security products in 2021Ring will deliver three car security products in 2021
Not content to making just your house secure, Ring is making its first foray into car security, vouching to protect your car, both in your driveway and around the neighborhood.

The first and most basic product that is meant to offer peace of mind to car owners is the Ring Car Alarm. Priced at $59.99, it connects to the Ring app and sends alarms and notifications when sensors pick up an event, such as a break-in, a bump, tow-away or any attempt at forcefully opening the door.

The Ring Car Alarm comes with its own built-in siren, which can be triggered remotely, and pairs with other Ring devices, turning into a “virtual tripwire” that activates additional deterrents.

The Ring Car Cam puts a two-way dashcam into your car, in addition to all the functions offered by the Car Alarm, offering you visuals of what’s happening at all times. It costs $199.99 and comes with extra safety features, like automated recording when you’re pulled over (say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” and the cabin-facing camera starts recording the police encounter and sends the footage to the cloud, while sharing updates with your family) and Emergency Crash Assist.

Ring aims to assuage privacy concerns by saying that “when parked, the camera only starts recording when the smart sensors detect an event and there is an LED light to indicate when the video and microphone is enabled. There is also a physical camera shutter that both blocks the lens and electronically disables the interior video and audio.” The user has full control over personal data, too.

The Ring Car Connect system is similarly priced at $199.99 and is an API for car manufacturers that integrates existing cameras on a car. As Ring is in talks with manufacturers, Car Connect will first become available for Tesla Model 3, X, S and Y, allowing owners to view footage from Sentry Mode and while driving directly in the Ring App.

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