Rimac C_Three Rendering Is a Four-Seat 1,900 HP Electric Hypercar

Rimac Automobili went very quickly from a company that built subassemblies for others to one that produces some of the quickest, most desirable electric hypercars on the market. The man behind it all is Mate Rimac, a 32-year-old Croatian with a passion for electricity and innovation and, we presume, never-take-no-for-an-answer kind of attitude.
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Much like Elon Musk did so many years ago, Mate realized the best way to make a name for yourself as quickly as possible was to come up with an exciting vehicle. Efficiency may sell volumes, but it doesn't make the headlines. A hypercar that focuses on performance and exterior design, on the other hand, does.

Not only that, but when you lack the production capability for large volumes, the best way to make a profit is to sell exclusive vehicles that justify their price tag through exoticism and performance. The C-Two, the current Rimac Automobili you can (theoretically) buy, costs $2,000,000, which is nearly two-thirds of what a Bugatti Chiron goes for. You know you're in the stratosphere when that's the model you compare prices with.

However, the part where gaining awareness for the company is coming to an end, so Rimac Automobili needs to think about what comes next. A Tesla Model 3 rival? Definitely not. Rimac is still way too small to think about the mainstream market, so it'll have to dial it down a little, but not all the way.

A four-door four-seat streamlined GT with huge performance figures and high levels of luxury and comfort would fit the bill perfectly. It would appeal to a slightly larger demographic that feels more comfortable when buying a vehicle with just that bit of added practicality that doesn't inflict a great penalty on its top speed and acceleration. A four-seat Rimac would be just that.

Alan Derosier of Studio Kurbos came out with a design for what should probably be called the C_Three, and it's nothing short of gorgeous. It borrows some visual cues from the C-Two to make sure it's instantly obvious you're looking at a Rimac, but it also brings enough novelty to make it future-proof. If there's one thing we're not so convinced about, it's that top right angle on the front side panel, but an angle grinder and some steady hands should be able to take care of it.

Access to the roomy cabin seems to be made through a pair of really large doors that definitely open in an unconventional way - we're thinking either in a gull-wing fashion, or butterfly style. The interior sadly hasn't been rendered, so we can't see the exact layout of the four seats, but given it's an EV, there should be plenty of room to make it comfy.

The trend for fast cars with four seats is growing, and Rimac would do well to jump on the wagon early on. You just need to look at the Koenigsegg Gemera or the Polestar Precept (granted, only a concept for now) to see where the market is going, and let's not forget the Tesla Roadster is also set to offer seating for four when it eventually comes out.

The competition will be there, but this independent rendering confirms something that was never really in doubt: the design for such a vehicle will not be a problem. Actually, it may even look better than the current C_Two hypercar.
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After discovering that @rimac_automobili was organizing a #rimacdesignchallenge , our passion and the respect we have for what Rimac is aiming to achieve as an electric automotive company, immediately motivated us to participate. Here is the vision of: A 4 seater to compete in the supercar segment by our director of design @alan_derosier . A car giving you the opportunity to share the driving experience you would usually have alone or with just one passenger with your whole family. Why should a family trip be boring? . . . . #automotivedesign #transportationdesign #rimac #designchallenge #designer #cardesigner #cardesigndaily #cardesignsketch #rendering #photoshop #cardesigninspo #formtrends #sketchstorm #studiokurbos #kurbosianer #kurbosdesign #vision #exterior #exteriorsketch #futurecar #conceptcar #photooftheday #surfacedesign #cardesign #conceptsketchbook

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