Rimac Automobili Reveals Monster Power Output of Its Upcoming Electric Hypercar

There are more EV startups these days than spots on a leopard, so knowing which ones to follow and which ones to ignore can get a bit tricky.
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However, Rimac Automobili has proven it's more than worthy to be part of the former category after its very first effort, the wonderful Concept_One. A small company from Croatia specializing in EV powertrains and battery packs, Rimac quickly grew to global fame after launching its electric hypercar to critical acclaim.

Much like Tesla, the Croatians chose a sports model for their maiden vehicle, but unlike Musk's company, they also decided to build it from scratch. That's how the beautiful body of the Concept_One came about. Even so, it would have been nothing but an attractive empty shell if it weren't for everything hiding underneath.

To make a long story short, the 1,088 hp electric hypercar had a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds and a very well thought-out infotainment system that offered loads of information to the driver, as well as various ways to interact with it. It definitely didn't look or feel like a car built by a 10-year-old company that started out in a garage.

The second model, code-named Concept_Two, will have its official debut tomorrow after a sustained teasing campaign. We've already been shown a few glimpses of the new car's exterior, so it's safe to say that exterior design isn't going to provide the main wow-factor.

We've also been promised a car that's more comfortable and more expensive than the Concept_One, meaning the company should place more focus on build quality and materials used. However, the second production model was also heralded as a "game changer," and that can only be achieved through a revolutionary powertrain.

We didn't know much about it until now - other than a claimed battery capacity of 120 kWh - but Rimac Automobili's latest teaser drops a very clear hint at the power output of its new hypercar. That would be 1,914 hp (1,940 PS), almost double that of the Concept_One.

The new car will probably also be somewhat heavier than the lightweight (by EV standards) Concept_One, but the extra oomph should still be enough to grant it improved performance. It probably won't beat the promised specs of the Tesla Roadster II - definitely not its maximum range of over 620 miles (1,000 km) - but it should be pretty damn close. We'll know all about it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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