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Rihanna Fights Supercars for Attention in Monaco

Monaco is one of those places that is included in the World War for the International Capital of Supercars (yap, we made all that up right now) and if you blink in this city, you’ll see one speeding machine at the beginning of the process and another one at the end of it.
However, Monaco is also flooded with celebrities, who rival the supercars in terms of public attention. One might be tempted to say that VIPs crush the cars in this battle, but this isn’t always true.

Let’s take the adjacent video for example. The footage, which comes from supercar spotter Shmee150, allows us to see a sea of go-fast machines when, all of a sudden, Rihanna shows up in Casino Square.

The crowd is instantly drawn to her and she is surrounded by the people. However, our man, being a supercar spotter, dedicates a few moments to the singer and after that returns to our beloved machines.


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