Rider Threatened by Thieves at Gun Point Escapes Flooring His Kawasaki Ninja – Video

It’s not the first time when we see violent crimes taking places on the highways of South America, and by all means, this is not going to be the last time. However, unlike the case we showed you back in the day, which ended with the bike thief shot to death by a police officer who happened to pass by in the area, this misadventure ended with nobody getting hurt.
Armed motorcycle thieves on a Brazilian highway 1 photo
What looks like a casual haul on a busy highway quickly escalates into a very dangerous situation as a rider carrying an armed passenger catches up with this Kawasaki Ninja rider and asks him to pull over. Needless to say, such a maneuver would have been at least as risky as being threatened at gun point, because of the high-speed traffic in the adjacent lanes.

It was sort of funny seeing that the thief wielding the gun observes that the rider is also equipped with a camera and closes his face shield to avoid being recognized. Something tells us this is not the first such stunt these two are attempting, and that their faces and rap sheet are not that hard to find in police files. With a dash of luck, maybe the brief moments the camera caught of the guy with the raised visor will be enough for a cop to ID the aggressor.
Floor it for dear life!
However, the epic part of this scary story is only beginning to unfold. The guy the Ninja refuses to comply with the thieves’ demands and quickly figures out that flooring the throttle is his only escape. He doesn’t need too much time to twist the throttle all the way and darts ahead.

Judging by the sound of the bike we’d say this is a Ninja 250 or Ninja 300; plus a floored 600cc would have taken off much faster and violently. Even so, the guy manages to remain focused and keeps throttling ahead without even looking back as he starts splitting lanes for dear life. Seeing him focused on streaking at high speed through the busy traffic and not checking the gap he opens from his assailants indicates that he has some racer genes in him, which maybe were waiting to be activated.

Hats off to this occasional ghost rider!


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